PilatesBreath.COM           WHEN IN DOUBT BREATH OUT!

Always check with a doctor first before doing any physical  and/or therapeutic body work.  Breath work can have deep emotional consequences too.

You might feel much better very quickly - do not overdo regular activities. People feel better so quickly that they can hurt themselves in the real world.


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All breath leads to PilatesBreath.COM

The way I teach  Pilates  

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I sleep in a

Pilates Therapy Bed

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I build my own equipment, so I created

Pilates Equipment Plans

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 I have the ‘Eagle Eye’ and can see everything!

I give powerful corrections

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Hello. I am Mark, the founder of PilatesBreath.COM

                           I am a very experienced and well-trained  

                           Pilates instructor.  Over 20 years now!

Very early on I realized the importance of the Pilates

breath and it is a primary focus of my teaching.  

I have never met a teacher who uses Pilates breath as

intensively as I teach it. Experienced Pilates students have

seen a huge changes after just one session


I believe my approach to Pilates breath rapidly gives a deeper

understanding of movement and muscle engagement.


I have taught many kinds of people…

From 2000-4 I had a private studio in Toronto,

and then one in Northern Thailand until 2013.

I was the Pilates instructor for the Chiangmai Royal Ballet for many years.

In 2011, I spent 2 weeks as guest instructor for 'Danza de Habana" - the

major Cuban Contemporary dance company.

I have taught professional golfers, martial-artists, Yoga instructors,

actors, & motor-cycle racers.

I have worked with injured people with damaged bodies, and

I have worked with many

'normal' people with 'normal' issues, problems and goals.

If you have never done Pilates, this is a great chance

for you to learn strong basics that will help you

move better through life.

If you are experienced in Pilates, I am sure that even

one class will improve your Pilates dramatically.

I am a very technical teacher, and have a great focus

on using the Pilates breath correctly.

People with years of experience (even Pilates instructors)

have benefited from my strong focus on

       –  Technically Correct Pilates  –

My private studio is well equipped with a reformer,  

ladder-barrel, wunda-chair, wall-unit (mini-cadillac),

and it even has a Pilates Therapy Bed…

   (maybe the only one in Canada!)


(I also have experience in dance, yoga, martial arts and Thai massage).

I am your Online Pilates guy

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I build my own Pilates equipment.

And now I sell DIY Plans so that…

YOU can build an entire Pilates Studio!


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