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Always check with a doctor first before doing any physical  and/or therapeutic body work.  Breath work can have deep emotional consequences too.

You might feel much better very quickly - do not overdo regular activities. People feel better so quickly that they can hurt themselves in the real world.


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Traditional Thai massage is done with clothes on (tee-shirt and sweats) and no oils.

Minimum time is 1½ hours, but 2 to 2½ hours is normal.

Authentic Traditional Thai Massage-Style Body Work


In 1997, I studied traditional Thai Massage at one of the major centres in the world - Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2005 I furthered my studies under Grand Master Pichest. Hang Dong, Thailand

2006 - I studied with Grand Master Sinchai. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here is a photo of the Queen of Thailand presenting Khun Sinchai with an award for his work in Thai Massage